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Op-shops – those wondrous palaces of must-have, gently worn, pre-loved bargains are about to get even better. We are looking for aspiring fashion designers and volunteers for Sydney’s FIRST EVER customised op-shop - ONE NOFFS. The designer gets a cut of the makings, we get a cut and so do the clothes! So let’s get crafty and creative for a great cause!

The Ted Noffs Foundation concept store – One Noffs – is shouting out to all young and talented Sydney-based designers to come and show their creative flare. One Noffs is reinventing the idea of the cool thrift store. With a very LA feel about them, One Noffs is encouraging design students, designers and mums and dads from around Sydney to get involved.

Concept developer and founder, Rupert Noffs, grandson of the late Reverend Ted Noffs says, “The opportunity for young designers to come into the store and mix and match, snip and sew clothes, is a very exciting and entrepreneurial idea for young people to get involved in.” The premise is to reinvent an older item and make it into an incredible ready-to-wear piece.

Sydney-based international designer, Josh Goot says, “It’s a really clever idea. It adds a new dimension to the thrift experience and it’s for a really good cause.”

A section of the One Noffs stores will be dedicated to these one-off designs. Each piece will be customised by up and coming creatives who can drop in and create a piece with the in-house sewing machine or do it in the comfort of their own home. The designer’s bio will be on the item’s swing tag and each designer receives 20% of the sale price.

The Ted Noffs Foundation has been empowering young people for over forty years by creating specialised programs and services that allow them to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.

  • Produce one-off designs especially for the Ted Noffs Foundation concept stores
  • Make a profit from the creative endeavours
  • Get as much publicity as possible (we do this in-house for you! You just create and leave the rest to us)
  • We want to unleash Australia’s Next Top Designer!
  • Strengthen relations with Australia’s top fashion schools
  • Have the world talk about us…Produce one-off designs especially for the Ted Noffs Foundation concept stores
  • Make a profit from the creative endeavours
  • Get as much publicity as possible (we do this in-house for you! You just create and leave the rest to us)
  • We want to unleash Australia’s Next Top Designer!)
  • Strengthen relations with Australia’s top fashion schools)
  • Have the world talk about us...


Drop in to us at 206A Alison Road, Randwick (corner of Avoca Street and Alison Road). We are the big old sandstone Post Office building. Enter via the not-so-secret entrance through the parking lot.

One of our friendly staff will greet you and give you a big bag of pre-loved goodies. Then follow the time line and we’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve created in three weeks. This is a program based on the honesty system, so anything you do not use, please kindly donate back to the Ted Noffs Foundation.

We want you to enjoy the process as much as we enjoy working at the Ted Noffs Foundation. So we’d really love you to give us the evaluation! The more you are in contact with us, the more we can do for you.

We’d love to see your one-off pieces on the pages of Vogue, have our celebrity ambassadors wear them and get as much publicity as we can. In order for us to do this, please keep us updated with your process and send us images, blog about us and talk to your friends!

From the moment the pre-loved goodies are picked up, the participant has three weeks to revolutionise and rejuvenate what they have been given. Each participant is given one full garbage bag, which is sorted and sourced by our very own Retail Manager. If you’d like to recreate in-store, please make a prior booking through and we’ll allocate you a creative space with a sewing machine and other creative goodness.

When can I start?
Please call us before you drop in and then you’ll be ready to start.

Where will my one off pieces sell?
Your pieces will be sold at our flagship store ONE NOFFS, located at 199 Alison Rd, Randwick.

Can I bring my mum in and show her what it looks like in-store?
Yes of course you can! We love mums!

If I have leftover material what should I do with it?
Just pop it back into us in-store or at our head office (206A Alison Road, Randwick).

Can I do this every three weeks?
Yes you can! You can do it as much as you want. Just keep us posted with your progress.

How will my bio end up on a swing tag?
You’ll write your own bio in 200 words and we’ll jazz it up and attach it to your item.

Can I get more involved?
You sure can! You can pitch us creative ideas for our window display and if you’re successful, you’ll be able to come in and create a new window for us. You can also volunteer your time to work in-store and play an active role in the shop. If you have a completely different idea on how you’d like to get involved, please shoot us an email.

Can I get my friends involved?
Yes yes! Your friends are our friends.

Who decides how much my item will be sold for?
You’ll be asked to recommend a price for your item. But at the end of the day our Retail Manager will make the final decision.

How will I receive my money?
We’ll let you know via email as soon as one of your pieces is sold. When this happens, you’ll need to send us an invoice with your name and bank details and we’ll have our Accounts Department sort it out.

How can I find out more information on the Ted Noffs Foundation?
Check out our website or why don’t you come in and purchase the biography of Ted Noffs - Man of the Cross by Phil Jarratt or search for us on Facebook!

This is a never-been-done-before project and we can’t wait to see your creations.

If you have further questions please contact Rupert Noffs